How to debloat Windows to optimize PC for Gaming – Fortnite, Apex, Warzone, COD, Valorant

In this guide, I will teach you how to debloat Windows 10 to speed up your PC, reduce input delay, maximize frames, and increase storage space

Everything you find in this post will improve your PC performance regardless of usage, whether it be web browsing, video editing, or gaming.

Step 1. Create a restore point.

I highly recommend creating a restore point before debloating Windows 10. If something goes wrong or you don’t like some of the changes made, you can revert everything to the previous state with the restore point.

To create a restore point, follow the steps below :

  1. In the search box, type Create a restore point and select the option from the results list.
Shows how to Create a restore point in Windows 10 before debloating the computer.
type ” Create a restore point ” and click on the option

2. On the System Protection tab, click on your system drive, and press configure. Enable the option Turn on system protection, and on Max usage, choose a value between 5% and 10%. It should be enough to save your new restore point.

How to configure your restore point in Windows 10.
Choose your system drive and click on configure!
Setting the system protection on and the max usage on GB's of your system restore point.
Click apply and OK

3. Click on Create, type a description, for example, “before debloat” and again click on Create.

Giving a description name on your Restore point, so you can remember it if needed.

Now that we created a restore point, we can safely proceed to the actual part of debloating our Windows 10 computer with the help of some scripts and software.

Step 2 – Run a Debloat Script

There are a lot of debloat scripts around the internet, referred to as Windows 10 debloaters. I’ve used a lot of them. The Windows 10 debloater I am going to use is by Sycnex on Github

If you want to support the creator and the contributors to this tool, you can visit creators profile here

Download the .zip of the debloat tool HERE

Extract the .zip, then right click click Windows10DebloaterGUI, and hit Run with Powershell

Once the program opens, you can either customize the features you want to disable by clicking CUSTOMIZE BLOCKLIST (Blue)

Or just click Remove All Bloatware (Red)

Windows 10 Debloat Tool

Next Steps

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